Ethically made, personalized furniture that is built to last.

Mangrove Collective began as an offshoot of Studio Lotus — one of India’s leading design practices in 2015. Today, it is an entirely autonomous design and build workshop dedicated to crafting customised furniture, millwork and projects.

Our team of 60 highly-skilled craftsmen and designers function collaboratively and as equals. Our workspace, similar to our processes, is open and transparent, and our studio-cooked lunches bring the entire workshop together every single day, often sparking spontaneous brainstorming sessions.

The space

Our daylight filled, 20,000 sft integrated studio & workshop is planned to enable seamless collaboration. We have facilities in-house to work with multiple materials and skills from Wood work, to Metal work, Upholstery and Painting and finishing apart from having a section for specialised artisans.

Our Process

We are constantly challenging ourselves to look at processes and products in a new way, combining the rich history of Indian craftsmanship with state of the art technology. Our diverse experience enables us to combine a range of materials such as timber, metal, stone, concrete, upholstery and different indigenous crafts with expertise. Last but not the least we work with our clients collaboratively; involving them as participants in the process of personalising their furniture, thereby making it their own.

Our Strengths


Our designs are timeless and immune to the fickle nature of trends. Because of our unique process, that combines craft with technology, our products feel at home anywhere you place them.


We only use high quality materials that are built to last. In case of any issues, we have a transparent return policy and do our best to accommodate technical failures, even after purchase.


We don’t just believe in the custom made, we believe in the collaborative. Craftsmen, designers, and clients are equal partners.


Our furniture is wouldn’t kill you if you ate it, but we hope that’s not something you’d have to test. Made with all natural materials and edible oils, we stay far away from toxic chemicals.

Our team

Our team is led by its three principals, Suman Sharma, Arun Kullu and Vedika Jhunjhunwala, each a highly experienced furniture designer.


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Interiors & furniture for Golf Links Residence


Madhu Sarin

Mangrove is always experimenting with new materials and different genres. It has never been wedded to just one style, or one design sensibility, but keeps evolving to create inventive, beautifully crafted and wonderfully designed pieces. All the awards are well deserved.