Interiors & furniture for Golf Links Residence


Madhu Sarin

Mangrove is always experimenting with new materials and different genres. It has never been wedded to just one style, or one design sensibility, but keeps evolving to create inventive, beautifully crafted and wonderfully designed pieces. All the awards are well deserved.

Furniture for Hyderabad residence

Marketing head, Signature Developers & Food entereprenur

Nitya Reddy

Mangrove Collective has the coolest furniture... They have great professional service and exquisite design acumen. I have worked with them on various custom pieces  for my home. I was thrilled with the one-of-a-kind unique pieces and stunning quality. All the pieces were delivered and fitted in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend them to anyone  looking for some great quality furniture for their dream home.

Furniture for Aurangzeb lane residence & Park hotel

Owner, Park Hotels

Priya Paul

I write to affirm that it has been a wonderful experience to work with the Mangrove Collective. Their choice of materials and quality have been of the highest  standards. Their well-designed furniture has helped us create beautiful spaces.

Furniture for Aurangzeb road residence

Pia Singh

I have been working with the Mangrove team for last 2-3 years, doing various projects for my house. It has been an absolute pleasure and delight working with them. The level of competence, creativity, diligence and passion for what they do has really stood out! The end result has exceeded my expectations.

Furniture & kitchen for Nizamuddin residence


Anjum Singh

Thank you Mangrove for making my home so special! Working with Mangrove was not just a wonderful experience but also an eye opener into the new way interiors are done today. Their strength lies in creating both aesthetically beautiful spaces which are also extremely functional and practical.

Furniture for personal Residence and various client projects

Architect, Partner, Praxis Inc. Bengaluru

Gopa Menon

I have known the people at Mangrove and worked with them on our client's projects, never really experiencing the comfort they offer. This I got to experience first hand only when I ordered seating for my own living room. Based on my reference images they crafted a divinely comfortable, beautifully upholstered and detailed sofa and armchair for me...I use them everyday and and the ergonomic comfort they is terrific.

Sample apartments for The Trees Mumbai and Platinum Kolkatta, HDIL Bangalore, Godrej Nature plus, Sohna Road, Godrej golf Links, Noida, Sector 3 Gurgaon

Senior General Manager- Design Strategy, GPL Design Studio, Godrej Properties Ltd

C Satyanarainan

For us, working with Mangrove is a particularly rewarding experience because it is a furniture house that is headed and run by designers. It allows us an easy short-hand in the design process and we can trust that the result is not just beautiful and of premium quality but proportionally, structurally and ergonomically sound.

Furniture for residence at Aurangzeb Road & for Antara senior living clubhouse in Dehradun

CEO, Antara Senior Living

Tara Vachani

The Mangrove team are absolutely lovely to work with. When designing ones home it is critical to have partners who understand the emotional context and nurture it. Mangrove does exactly that. Their clean aesthetic, desire to work with local materials and create spaces that have individual personalities is very endearing.

Furniture for Golf Links residence

Publisher, Juggernaut Books

Chiki Sarkar

I love Mangrove’s work - it’s thoughtful, detail orientated, elegant and  understated and works beautifully in any home. I’d recommend them whole  heartedly.

Furniture for Raas Devigarh & Step Well suite Raas jodhpur

Owner, Raas Devigarh & Raas Jodhpur

Nikhilendra Singh

Ive  now done a few projects with Mangrove and its always been a pleasure …from  the choice of materials to the quality or delivery schedules.  Having visited the factory its  evident from the atmosphere that they truly  believe in giving their craftsman  due  recognition and respect …truly a collective in every sense of the  word.