Beauty, timelessness

Furniture that assures stability, durability, and quality in a fluctuating world.

We aim to create objects of timeless beauty with impeccable detail that bring joy to whichever space they inhabit.
We are constantly challenging ourselves to look at processes and products in a new way, combining our rich tradition of the handmade with state of the art technology.
Our work is driven by an aspiration for timeless beauty, achieving the highest quality of craftsmanship, and an ongoing commitment to sustainability.
Mangrove Collective was the winner of the EDIDA Designer of the Year 2018 at the prestigious ELLE Décor Design awards.
While our collective pivots around the designer and the craftsmen relationship, our third and equal partner in design is always the client.
We welcome a collaborative design process where clients are encouraged to participate in the making of a high quality, sustainable, beautiful product.